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Type Soul codes for April 2024

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Want to be the best in Type Soul? I got you covered! These codes will get you tons of free stuff so you can unlock awesome powers and dominate the fights.

List of active Type Soul Codes

  • RELEASEHYPE – A bunch of Rerolls to make your character perfect. (New!)
  • 1MILLIKES – More Rerolls! Score those sweet abilities. (New!)
  • SPRING2024 – Rerolls galore! Reroll your Shikai/Res/Volt and Clan.
  • APRILSOUL – Even more awesome Rerolls.
  • TYBWRELEASE – Rerolls to celebrate the latest update.

How do i use Codes?

  1. Load up Type Soul on Roblox
  2. Find the Settings button (looks like a little gear) and click it.
  3. See that “Codes” box? Type one of the codes in there. Make sure you get the spelling right!
  4. Hit Enter 

List of Expired Type Soul Codes

  • somethingrandom
  • canyouwrap
  • mobileflashpd
  • johnboomingg
  • icanimaginesomeonesayingimnexttoatree
  • phase1
  • canyourecmeintodemonhunter
  • myhopewillneverdie
  • johnbooming
  • gulliblelol
  • threatneutralized
  • avengerlevelthreat
  • robloxban
  • robotcowoe
  • afkworld
  • 100mlikes
  • lightsegunda
  • soulianstreak
  • rankedseason2
  • khaoticyachtyt05242000
  • 150klikes
  • 50mlikes
  • 10mlikes
  • 5mlikes
  • bigupdate
  • finallyanupdate
  • 30kactiveplayers

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