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How to Activate Kanopy on Roku?


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Kanopy is an amazing streaming service offering a wide selection of independent, classic, and documentary films – all for free if you have a participating library card. Here’s how to get Kanopy on your Roku:

Steps to Activate Kanopy on Roku

  1. Add the Kanopy Channel:

    • On your Roku home screen, go to “Streaming Channels”.
    • Search for “Kanopy” and add the channel.
  2. Open the Kanopy Channel:

    • Find the newly installed Kanopy channel and open it.
  3. Choose Your Login Method:

    • You’ll see a few options. You can:
      • Log in with your email and Kanopy password (if you already have an account).
      • Select “Get Started” to create a new Kanopy account.
      • Go to https://www.kanopy.com/link on your computer or phone and enter the code on your TV.
  4. Link Your Library Card:

    • Follow the instructions provided to link your library card to your Kanopy account.
  5. Enjoy Kanopy!

    • Once linked, you’re ready to explore and stream Kanopy’s amazing film collection on your Roku.

Important Notes

  • You need a valid library card from a participating library to use Kanopy.
  • Kanopy has a monthly borrowing limit (set by your library).

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