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How to Activate Zoom TV for Kids on Roku

Zoom TV for Kids

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About Zoom TV for Kids

Zoom TV for Kids is a dedicated children’s entertainment channel offering a curated selection of shows, movies, and educational content tailored to young audiences. Designed to entertain and educate, it is a reliable platform for age-appropriate programming.

Zoom TV for Kids Subscription Plan and Price

For accurate information regarding the subscription plans and their pricing for Zoom TV for Kids, it’s best to consult their official website or Roku’s channel page. Streaming channels often present flexible options, such as monthly or yearly subscriptions, and occasionally offer promotional discounts.

Download and install Zoom TV for Kids on Roku

  1. Power on your Roku device and ensure it’s an internet connection.
  2. From the home screen, move to the Roku Channel Store.
  3. Use the search tool to find “Zoom TV for Kids.”
  4. select “Add Channel” to begin the download when you locate the channel.
  5. After the download, the channel will appear on your list.

Activate Zoom TV for Kids on Roku

  1. Launch the Zoom TV for Kids channel from the list.
  2. An activation code should be visible on your screen. Make a note of this.
  3. On another device, such as a computer or smartphone, access the Zoom TV for Kids activation webpage (the URL should be displayed on your TV screen along with the code).
  4. Enter the displayed activation code into the site’s required field.
  5. Follow any additional instructions provided to complete the process.
  6. Return to your Roku; you should have full access to Zoom TV for Kids content.

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